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Projects I Am Working On
Post updated on 5/17/16

Usufruct — Fully recorded, part 1 posted, part 2 in editing.

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I can't tell you how excited I am about this. Certainly my most important fic in bandom. I am delighted that I'll get to hear it in your voice, and that I will have a way of listening to it whenever I want!! I don't even mind waiting for you to do the parts or that it might take a while to complete. I'm kind of a fan of delayed gratification that way. Good things take time to do right! Good luck with this, and thank you so much for taking it on!!!

So i think i scarred my buddy a little when i suddenly started to squeal & flail a bit out of no where upon seeing this ^_^ but he just laughed at me in the end when i told him why.

Anyway im really exited to see uv taken on this amazing story & am waiting patiently for the end result i know its a big project & will take time but im sure it'll be worth the wait!!!

Can't wait for the next parts of Anatomy of A Fall! Seriously helps me get my paperwork done!

<3 I'll try to speed it along, then, for the sake of your paperwork. I have 7.5 min of Part 9 edited so far!

It's data input for a cemetery so it's just perfect. No stress, I have about 8 hours of it to re-listen to.

Thank you for all your wonderful hard work. It's amazing and podficcers never get the praise they deserve.

Today is going to be the day! 47 out of (approximately) 57 minutes of Ch. 9 edited! *takes a breath, dives back in*

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